Wednesday, April 12, 2006


What's exactly going on with Britney Spears? Reuters is reporting that child welfare agents dropped by her home:

A spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said on Tuesday deputies accompanied workers from the county's Department of Children and Family Services on a Saturday visit to Spears' home in the beachfront enclave of Malibu.

The spokesman, Sgt. Ken Cheurn, declined to discuss what prompted the DCFS house call, saying, "It was their investigation." But he said the matter was settled at the time of the visit and called the incident "a big nothing."

Some other US newspapers are reporting that Sean Spears fell out his highchair and shattered his skull into some more pieces than skulls are usually in:

The Star reported Sean was treated briefly at a Los Angeles hospital six days after the fall for what was described as a minor "scalp fracture" and blood clot caused by the fall. The Star claimed a distraught Spears brought Sean to the hospital because he was sleeping more than normal.

Curious. And not in a "Curious by Britney Spears" way.

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