Wednesday, May 24, 2006


As if the trail of dumped, overdosed cousins and blood-drenched camera teams wasn't bad enough, now Pete Doherty has managed to get the Edinburgh Corn Exchange threatened with a £200 fine:

Doherty sparked up a fag onstage, in the new smoke-free Scotland.

There was more fun after the gig:

Doherty landed the Corn Exchange in trouble as he delivered a performance described as "shambolic" by fans. The following morning, the rock star tried to buy drugs from a stunned Edinburgh newsagent only yards from his hotel.

Doherty jumped in the back of a car belonging to Shaz Shafiq and asked whether he had "scored".

Mr Shafiq told the singer he had made a mistake but a dazed Doherty continued to ask for the "hardest stuff" available.

Mr Shafiq missed an opportunity to offload three packets of Extra Strong Mints and a packet of Capstan full strength.