Sunday, May 07, 2006


You'd have to go a long way to find someone more forgiving than Victoria Piddington - she was a fan who turned into the partner of Howard Donald, and stuck with him all the way through his time as the one whose sole saving grace was "at least I'm not Jason Orange" only to see him flounce off with someone else.

Even so, she's still happy to see the band back together:

"Seeing Take That back together is a dream come true for most fans—even though Robbie Williams isn't there," says Victoria.

"And it is for me too, but it also stirs up old memories and red raw emotion. Howard was the best thing to happen to me, but when he walked out it was the worst."

Now, that's fandom - even although one of the band dumped you after ten years, leaving you holding the baby, you still want to go and see them play live. Even if Robbie Williams isn't there.

Victoria is also more than generous in her descriptions of Donald's libido - kitchen table, cars, up against an oak tree and even in a bed, although she does stress it was "all over the bed" - which, again, is surprising in the context of a woman scorned who might otherwise have taken the opportunity to suggest, at the very least, something stunted or kinked in the wrong direction. Presumably Howard really doesn't know what he threw away.