Sunday, June 18, 2006


There was always going to be problems when Cristal's managing director made some concerned noises about rappers dropping the name of his product all over the place - Louis Rouzaud suggested that while he couldn't ban people from buying his drink, "Dom Perignon and Krug would welcome their business."

Well, it looks like everyone's going to be happy - Jay-Z has decided this was racist and has announced his intention to stock his clubs with DP and Krug instead of Cristal.

It'd all be quite amusing if it wasn't for Jay-Z's cynical attempt to suggest that this spot of brand-snobbery was racist. He should be ashamed of trying to play that card in what is little more than an over-priced wine company worrying that being seen in the company of (what it sees as) so much conspicuous but ill-discerning consumption makes it look like the drink of choice amongst those with less sense than money. Jay-Z should be pleased he's considered so arriviste as to warrant disdain. And, really, admit that Cava would fit just as well for the purposes its used in nightclubs.