Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We're not quite sure why Elton John - a man whose on/off relationship with hair has been the subject of much public debate and comment over the years - felt it was neccesary to try and stop the Daily Mail from running pictures of him wearing a baseball cap, but he went to court anyway.

He lost his case almost as surely as he's lost his crown:

In rejection an application for an injunction stopping publication in Saturday’s Daily Mail, Mr Justice Eady held that the photograph did not convey any private information.

Mr Justice Eady likened the photo to one of Sir Elton “popping to the shops for some milk” and, with reference to the key judgment by the European Court of Human Rights, Von Hannover v. Germany, he found no evidence of harassment.

Elton had suggested that the pictures of his barnet were an invasion of his privacy.


Anonymous said...

i just heard [Paris] is going to be on a special on Vh1 about this band Platinum Weird. i was reading that it was Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics first group in the 70s that never released their album back then, and now they’re doing a special on them.

anyone else heard about this?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

We did Platinum Weird last week:


It's a spoofy-type thing. Were I a cynical sort, I would wonder if your post was part of the PR push for the show...

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