Sunday, June 18, 2006


Apparently, we are all now supposed to take it as fact that Janet Jackson put on all that weight for a movie part which "fell through", and that it wasn't comfort eating after she'd been been the focus of a series of vicious and sustained attacks after the Superbowl incident.

She's got the weight off again now, which means, sadly, we're in for Janet Jackson - diet guru. Mind you, we do like the sound of her regime:

With the help of US diet guru David Allen, Janet stuck to four or five healthy, low-fat meals a day, combined with a gruelling exercise programme - which wasn't her favourite part. "I hate - I can't say it enough - I hate working out," she admits.

If you're cutting back your meals to four or five a day, we'd guess that perhaps you've got something going on that's going to need more than an exercise bike and and Jade Goody's Pilate-u-thin DVD to deal with.

And Janet's top weight-loss tip?

Get some sleep. "Sleep is very important to weight loss," Janet says.

Yes - slumber through from Countdown to Corrie, and you'll miss two of the meals a day. It's a great help.