Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Bono's name is such catnippy-heroin to the press, people nowadays issue a press release when they talk about perhaps asking him to do something: So it is that the key story from yesterday's Liverpool City of Culture arts and business meeting wasn't about anything they did or said, but just that they're going to invite Bono to the city:

FRONTMAN of rock superstars U2, Bono, is to be invited to speak to children in Liverpool about world poverty, a forum of business leaders heard yesterday.

We can't help but think of Henry VI Part One: anyone can call forth Bonos, but will they come when you call them?

Having lived and worked in inner-city Liverpool for years, we're also puzzled about why you'd invite a multi-millionaire property owner to tell children living in one of the most financially disadvantaged parts of Europe what it's like to live in poverty.