Friday, July 14, 2006


Pete Doherty has made another court appearance to give magistrates an update on how that long march to drug-free is going. Happily for him, his case is being handled by people who seem keen to see him kept out of prison, so they're not bothered that he hasn't actually been able to stay unmedicated yet:

Judge Jane McIvor said that while he had not yet provided a negative drug test, doctors reported they were pleased with his progress.

"You are going in the right direction," she said. "It's not easy, especially in your circumstances. I appreciate that entirely.

"I think your concentration should be, within six months of the order, to get a negative test."

She recommended that his drug testing be reduced from twice a week to just once, and ordered another review for September.

So, he's not kept off for a seven-day period yet, but this is all moving in the right direction. Doherty has told the courts he's going to get implants again - although we could have sworn he was saying he had them in again already a couple of weeks back; and they only work with smack; and, well, all they seemed to do for him last year was give him something to show to reporters in return for drug money.

It's wonderful that the courts aren't just dumping him in a jail, but we're not sure they're doing him any favours with this soft-touch, either.


Anonymous said...

It's very rare that I have a good work for the smelly fuck, but I really don't see the point in imprisoning anyone simply for using drugs. Quite why he hasn't been imprisoned for the various assaults and instances of dangerous driving are another matter entirely, of course.

Anonymous said...

Can't help wondering how many other non-famous people in a similar situation get treated with the same degree of understanding by the courts...

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I tend to agree that prison (despite his claims that he was cleaner than at any other time while he was inside) isn't the place for him, but it seems a little odd set against his recent behaviour that they're stepping down the drug tests. Surely he should at least pass one before they bring in a lighter regime?

Throwing him in jail won't help him. But they're not exactly helping him by indulging him like this, either.

Anonymous said...

i agree with "Can't help wondering how many other non-famous people in a similar situation get treated with the same degree of understanding by the courts..." - i cannot imagine a judge telling some sad addict living on the street about how she appreciates him etc

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