Friday, July 28, 2006


George Michael has announced his intention to sue - no, not the News of the World, but the bloke who he was supposedly shagging in the bushes on Hampstead Heath and people who reported stories that Kenny Goss had called off the wedding as a result.

He's also thinking of bringing a legal action against the photographers who were harrassing him on the Heath and generally, which might have more grounds to it.

Since Michael is laid-back and open about his love of cruising, though, surely the only grounds he could have for claiming libel from a bloke who said he's had sex with him under those circumstances is on the grounds that he'd never do it with a bloke like that - I may have sex with strangers in bushes, but I have my standards about which strangers; and since Michael has been rude about him on television you could argue that it's the van driver who has been held up to ridicule and belittlement by George rather than the other way round.

Michael has a strong point on the harrassment; we're not sure suing a fellow cruiser is that wise a move.