Saturday, July 08, 2006


Who, we wonder, is sending The Sun the constant stream of information about how much sex with ladies Robbie Williams is having on his current tour? We suspect it might be someone very close to the Williams camp.

Now, it seems, he's having so much sex with ladies that he's, well, shagged out, sharing the news with one of his gig audiences that he had to have a vitamin shot in the butt just to keep going.

But it's a happy circle - Robbie has sex with ladies (apparently), the newspapers print that he's had sex with ladies, and then he can bring the newspaper story saying he had sex with ladies to the next audience's attention, which the newspapers can then report:

He is clearly enjoying his success with the fairer sex. ("Fairer sex" means ladies.)

He joked about his groupie action during the gig on Wednesday, telling the 45,000 crowd: “Did you read the paper today?

“It says I kissed a mystery red-haired girl in the hotel bar. I can only confirm the rumour. And she was very cute.

“Actually, I don’t kiss on the first date — but she asked so nicely.”

Since his audience were in Copenhagen, we're not entirely sure they'd have been big readers of The Sun, but we'll let that pass. Victoria Newton is so wrapped up in the current campaign, she's seeing signs of his heterosexual virility everywhere. Take his rather downbeat backstage rider demands:

The star demands soft toilet paper, two deodorants, toothpicks, soap and two freshly laundered towels.

Now, for someone about to run around getting sweaty singing and dancing, that might seem like the bare minimum requirements to tidy yourself up after the show. But Vicky? She sees it as part of his pre-sex-with-ladies ritual:

Well, he does need to keep well groomed for all those lovely Scandi-ladies.

We love that she hammered in the word "ladies" right at the end, even Scandiladies isn't a pun on anything (Scandi-lady-ones might just about sound enough like Scandinavian to work, mind.)

So, that's Robbie Williams: having so much sex with ladies, he's having to drop his trousers and have vitamins pumped into his butt by a Scandanavian doctor first thing in the morning.