Tuesday, July 25, 2006


We don't know what Robbie Williams has done to annoy The Sun, but they're currently handing out a kicking (footing out a kicking?) to him on a daily basis, inviting readers to deliver their verdicts on his new single, Rudebox.

We'd love to think it was genuine outrage that he's pillaged the wonderful Boops (Here To Go) by Sly and Robbie - which is like melting down a Henry Moore to make some garden furniture - but we smell some other sort of score being settled here.

Anyway, an apparent ninety per cent of Sun readers aren't fond of the track:

“Rudebox sounds like Roland Rat’s 1983 hit Rat Rapping. It’s the worst song released by a major artist in the history of pop music.”

That's a little unfair, as Rat Rapping wasn't that bad, but it does throw up the intriguing possibility that Jonathan Wilkes is the Kevin The Gerbil of our age.