Monday, July 17, 2006


Sooner or later, every single second of Michael Jackson's existence is going to be released to the public via court documents. Latest find - from the child abuse trial last year - is that Jacko used to call Macaulay Culkin 'Doo doo head'.

And Culkin still came on to aid the defence. Which must mean it's fair comment.

The cops found a photo of Culkin, and noted:

"The photograph had a message written on it. The message stated, 'To Apple Head. Always remember keep Apple Head Club Doo Doo Head Alive.'"

Apparently the Apple Head Club is an organisation that Jackson encouraged his young friends to join during their totally innocent sleepovers. Before all the trouble started, the Apple Head Club were more powerful than the Secret Seven and had replaced the Red Hand Gang as the ones to watch.