Friday, August 25, 2006


Peaches has "shocked" the Reading audience by bringing on stage an enormous phallus, reports, although why a giant plastic dick on the stage would be a shock to a crowd who've already sat through My Chemical Romance isn't clear. The audience for Peaches, it seems, was "celeb-packed":

Earlier, Peaches played a energetic set to a celeb filled crowd.

The likes of Alex Turner, The Long Blondes, Gogol Bordello, Fields, Junior Senior and Karen O watched from the side of the stage as the Canadian electro singer played a set culled mainly from her third album 'Impeach My Bush'.

If you're claiming "celeb-packed" and have to fall back on Junior Senior, you might feel a little tension in your reporting there.

The same report covers the return of The Vines to live performing in the UK:

The band, who had to curtail their touring due to frontman Craig Nicholls' illness, played a greatest hits before a huge crowd, including fan Peaches Geldof, on the Radio 1/NME stage.

We know you can't stop Peaches Geldof turning up at these things, but is it really fair to the Vines to suggest that she was the key figure watching them play?

"We're better than Girls Aloud aren't we?" trilled Ricky Wilson, still feeling the small boost their cover of I Predict A Riot at V gave to their pocketbooks. NME reports that Ryan Jarman of the Cribs came on to help out with one of the tunes - which, again, is nice, but it's hardly Elton and Cilla. Or Kylie.

The NME Reading blog records Ice T's not-meet-and-no-greet attitude:

"Now let me get one thing straight. I ain't here to meet any of you sweaty XBox360 motherfuckers..."

No, we don't know what the hell it means, either. Well, we get the go fuck yourself bit, but we don't follow the detail of the insult. Was it sponsored by Sony or something?

You can see Charlotte Subway's spangly top for yourself thanks to's Reading photo gallery.

This Is Fake DIY is updating itself live from Reading:

Little Man Tate, on the other hand, may be anointed third stage kings of the weekend, but come across like a pub band from 1998 raping Britpop over a crate of Stella. We expected so much more.

The updates ran out at about 7pm - either they've been mugged and had their laptops stolen, or the pigeons which were bringing the news out had been set free by Towers of London.

The Evening Standard sits grumbling on the side, revealing there are plans to seek anti-social behaviour orders against any kids who step out of line at Reading this year:

Organisers say anyone starting large bonfires, pelting staff with missiles or throwing gas canisters and aerosols on fires could face action.

Those caught will receive a lifetime ban to all Mean Fiddler events - including the Glastonbury and Download festivals. This comes after one festivalgoer was permanently disfigured last year as a result of a gas canister being thrown on a fire.

As far as we know, this is the first time the mainstream media has reported that someone got so seriously injured on site last year - you'll recall that Efestivals pulled an eyewitness account of an incident shortly after last year's event.