Thursday, August 31, 2006


Hi, I'm Brian May out of Queen and the Ford adverts. Everything I do is driven by you. But not myspace. Nope, I hate myspace because it's full of people claiming to be me. As if! I'm Brian May - why would I be on MySpace? Huh?

As it is, someone claiming to be me has now written on a supposedly official site about how angry I - by which I mean they - are that someone is pretending to be them - by which I mean me:

"Right now I'm feeling more and more powerless, and depressed about the way the Internet is going. It seems nothing is protectable anymore. The Internet seems to have made it easy for any git to pretend he is someone else.

"There are now three Bogus MySpace 'blogs' pretending to be written by me...and I'm a peaceful person, but, frankly, I feel like going over there and applying a fist or two.

"Just so you know, folks, once and for all, there IS NO Brian May page on MYSPACE...NOR WILL THERE EVER BE ONE...I am completely disgusted that the organizers of this site exert no sense of responsibility to check that people are who they say they are."

Heh... now, does that sound like me, Brian May out of Queen? A hip and sassy guy like me - a guy with his own, erm, my own website using a phrase like "organisers of this site" and talking about MySpace as if it's a shop or something where you can put people on the door to check identity papers on the way in.

Of course, I know a thing or two about identity papers, having played Sun City in South Africa back during the aparthied era - those guys knew how to make sure people didn't go round pretending to be me, Brian May out of Queen. My only hope is that that Brian May's silly little rant doesn't encourage dozens, or even hundreds, of other webusers to start pretending they're Brian May. That would suck.

And now, here's Anita Dobson with the weather.


Anonymous said...

Similar thing happened to Bob Mould a few weeks back, which made him even more grumpy than usual.
MySpace's imposter removal policy is quite amusing. Well, slightly amusing.

I love the idea of Brian's imposters taking a picture of themselves with a poodle on top of their heads, holding a sign saying 'I'm that there Brian May out of Queen, honest'

Chris Brown said...

Funny he should say that, because I've heard some reports about a couple of middle-aged blokes going around pretending to be Queen, even though they didn't have a Freddie.

I suppose if he started his own website, he could call it MaySpace.

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