Saturday, August 26, 2006


The NME has sorted out its Leeds blog and, unlike in Reading where they just hover behind the famous getting themselves flustered but with no touching, in Leeds they're getting the celebs to blog.

Well, we say celebs... Maggot from Goldie Lookin' Chain and Pete Wentz.

Maggot revealed he was missing out on the chance of fish and chips to be there:

I’ve decided to shun the offer of a free helicopter ride down to Essex for Preston and Chantelle’s wedding to stick with the rest of the lads to soak up the great atmosphere that is Leeds. I wouldn’t have got back in time if I went to the nuptials anyway, so just as well.

(We guess that odd business is down to him speaking Welsh or something.)

Wentz, meanwhile, was thinking about his trousers:

i think the only bands that get the sea of thousands moving are the likes of maiden and who knows, but i felt like we clocked in and worked today - you know you got time to lean you got time to clean. and that place was shining. pants ripped in half. they were 5,000 dollar samples stolen from diesel. only two exist - one on me and one in italy. now only one in italy. i guess i just raised the value on that last pair. thank god i worn underwear today. wouldnt want some naked pics getting out on the internet.

Nobody, Pete, would have wanted that.

Over on the proper, a chilling headline:

Karen O loses it at Carling Weekend

Blimey - has she finally flipped and taken people out with a knife, guitar or bottle of sauce? Erm... no, she "collapsed in giggles" taking her hat off.

BBC Three is reporting that Mani from Primal Scream has been misplaced, which is a bit of a problem as they're meant to be headlining and all.

KSera loved Placebo last night, but hated the company:

Saw MCR but it wasnt as good as bein at da apollo when i saw them last year, then got well near the front for Placebo - but it was full of bloody kids who didnt know who the fuck they were, you know the front is supposed to be a moshpit!! Frankly i feel sorry for Placebo because they were tryna get the crowd going but they were just having none of it, it makes me ashamed to be british.

There was a lot of shame in that mosh pit last night - Melinda felt ashamed, too:

omg went to see placebo at leeds n im actually ashamed i was there little chavs or wel ppl who hadnt heard of them were stood in the mosh pit n just made us like we were h8rs aah! brian u rock!!

So ashamed, she's lost the power of speech.

It's not like we're trying to pretend that Pearl Jam aren't there or anything - even though, you know, it's not bloody 1993 and if we've managed to make it into this century we don't see why everyone else can't. But for Boyo, they were the main attraction:

obviously to see Pearl Jam again. another great show by the boys. tried to see the Kooks but there was no chance of getting in the tent. utter mayhem. organisers dropped a bollock not putting them on main stage!!!

It does seem he's right on the Kooks - NME reported their Leeds set was a lock-out, although judging by how uncomfortably overfilled every corner of the two sites looks, that might be logistics rather than any deep longing for stage-school kicks.

After all, watching at home, and able to stretch out as much as he wanted, indie-pirate responded to them coming on by "fiddling with my phone".

Of course, if you can't go to Leeds, and don't watch on TV, you can be there in spirit, or at least in footwear: Smallgirl Towers can't wear her skirt and boots tonight, as her boots have gone (with Tom) to the festival. Doesn't say if Tom took the skirt as well.

Meanwhile, samples the unsigned acts:

Send More Paramedics bringing their unique brand of Zombie rock to a very receptive Lockup Stage audience.

Obviously there's nothing like threatening to eat their brains to get the festival crowd on your side.

Just don't get blood on the boots, you bastards. They're borrowed.