Sunday, August 27, 2006


The presence of Peaches Geldof at Reading tells you pretty much all you might feel the need to know about Reading these days - it's as if Lorraine Chase went there during the 1980s, isn't it? The Sunday Mirror suggests that she'd arranged the gig merely to be well-placed to catch the eye of her current love-target.

Danny Tourette.

Yes, from Towers of London.

A source said: "Peaches was following Donny around like a lost puppy. His girlfriend, who works at Capital FM, was with him but that didn't put her off."

"Donny doesn't want to know," said one pal.

Good lord, fancy setting your sights so low and still being knocked back.

NME report Jack White's bid to crowd-please during a set of covers:

"I love coming to Reading - British festivals are always the best."

We bet he can tell Ukranians that Kiev is the best festival in their local language, too.

The official NME coverage of the Arctic Monkeys made more allowances than Conor McN's late-night TV appearance:

Overwhelmed by the size of the occasion, frontman Alex Turner stopped second song 'Still Take You Home' midway through and observed "There's lots of people, lets see them", as the lights were turned-up.

Yes, because turning up the lights will turn a sea of faces into... erm... a sea of faces with lights on them. And generally, you can see facesin the audience from a stage anyway, can't you? It's a thing that always haunts us when we're stood looking a bit bored in a concert crowd. This smacks of a stunt to try and stop people leaving after the lights came on.

The blogs aren't cool on the Monkeys, but they seem to have passed to a point where they've become something that people are learning to live with, rather than a passion. Andrew managed a "much Bettter than I thought they were." Mind you, he was thrilled about getting a glowstick, too. Some Random Guy From Worthing has a similar "oh, they're alright" take: The Arctic Monkeys are impressing me more and more, I wasn’t a big fan of theirs at first.

John Thomas is more direct:

i might be shitter, but arctic monkeys are still absolutely awful.

John was watching on TV, and his overall review might make it reassuring he was indoors:

in fact, the whole programme was quite unenjoyable, with the unexpected exceptions of the cribs and the streets, and i am suddenly possessed with an intense desire to punch a fat grebo...

We hear police have taken Clint Mansell into protective custody, just in case.

It's Conor and Edith who exercise The Last Drink Of The Evening:

It's been a long day but I've just spent two hours watching the Reading Festival coverage on the telly. Edith Bowman says The Guillemots are "the Britsh Arcade Fire" and a guy from the NME who hasn't started shaving refers to the Arctic Monkeys as "The Monkeys".

Edith, looking earnest and frowning with emotion as you talk about a band does not convince anyone over the age of 3 that they're any good. The Arcade Fire wrote "Rebellion", The Guillemots are fronted by a fop haired tit.

NME man, there is only one Monkees. Check your fucking spelling.

Sour Kitty points out one of the recurring problems with any festival coverage, ever:

if they could just stop interviewing the "crowd" if i wanted to listen to a bunch of snotty posh kids i would actually pay to go there for real *eyeroll* oh but mummy doesnt like rock and roll, which makes this soooo cool darling!