Thursday, August 31, 2006


Back before Christmas, Christina Aguilera was flagging a new, demure style:

"I think the Christina look I had before meeting Jordan is well and truly in my past.

"I've decided on a classier image for the future - more fitting for a married lady."

Now, though, it seems she and Jordan Bratman have looked at the family finances and decided instead that its back on the streets for her after all:

"That's the great thing about my husband,” she says. “He's so secure within himself that he would never, ever even be concerned with that.

“He's always saying to me that he thinks it's great what I do artistically, and he's happy to let everyone see.

“He's right behind me, supporting every pelvic thrust. Sometimes he'll even say to me: ‘Why are you covering up? You're sexy, show it off.’”

We don't know that he sends her little texts ("shake your money maker", "whack 'em out, love", "the toaster's broken, get your bra off") but we imagine he might.