Sunday, September 03, 2006


Kerry Katona's coke 'den'The News of the World reported on Kerry Katona's coke problems last year, and was subjected to an angry denial. It's worth remembering, though, if you're going to damn a tabloid as printing lies and bullshit, that you probably ought to make sure you are clean. Otherwise, you're just building yourself up for a harder fall.

The fall comes today, with the News running a handy, anotated guide to Katona's bedside table.

The Screws is especially outraged, as the admission of drug taking has come from, erm, Katona herself. After having denied it last year, she's now said, yes, she did take drugs:

Now, with a lucrative book to promote, 25-year-old Kerry has done a swift U-turn, admitting drug abuse and blaming it on her 2004 split with husband Brian McFadden.

"Drugs and booze provided a mask to hide behind," she said."I lost the plot."

Good lord - she's only admitting it for the money, you say?

They also point out that the u-turn she's just made does drop Max Clifford in it, somewhat:

These astonishing new revelations also discredit the guff spouted by Kerry's PR man Max Clifford last December when he declared:

"She does not take drugs and never has. It's totally untrue, total lies."

Presumably, of course, Max was simply unaware. How can these press handlers hope to handle the press if their clients won't even be straight with them, eh?

The NOTW claims that Katona continues to enjoy the odd snort - which would at least explain how she perks up so quickly in that advert for the Iceland barbecue pack.