Saturday, September 30, 2006

Full coverage: Rhode Island nightclub fire

In 2003, the Station Nightclub in Rhode Island caught fire following an accident with Great White's pyrotechnic display. Over 100 people died in the resulting fire, numbers far higher than they should have been - it was subsequently revealed the club had used flammable soundproofing material.

Yesterday, the owners of the club, Michael and Jeffrey Derderian, were sentenced for their role in the deaths.

Jeffrey Derderian, who was also slapped with 500 hours of community service and three years probation, said in court: "This tragedy has our name on it. I wish I could give you back what you lost, but I know I can't."

Survivors are being helped by the Station Family Fund

These are the stories on No Rock which have tracked the disaster and its aftermath:

25.02.03 - Fred Durst is "horrified", forgets own role in festival disaster
02.03.03 - Great White singer Jack Russell asks for immunity before testifying
20.08.03 - Health and Safety levy 100,000 fine
29.09.03 - Great White's drummer in car crash
10.12.03 - Indictments issued - manager, owners face 100 charges of involuntary manslaughter
23.04.04 - Band disown 'Burning House of Love'
25.04.04 - Unofficial 'Burning House of Love' release pulled from stores
24.07.04 - Families file lawsuits
31.01.05 - Jack Russell takes the fifth
19.07.05 - Familes demand right to test foam for their own legal action
29.09.06 - Light sentences for nightclub owners attacked
10.01.07 - Great White rally for seals as family fund runs dry
07.04.07 - Great White members ask to be excused from case
20.09.07 - Manager Bichelle up for early release
04.02.08 - CBS affiliate settles 'blocked escape' claims
17.02.08 - Survivors struggle because of 'hair metal' profile
02.09.08 - Great White offer million dollar settlement
26.06.09 - Co-owner released from jail


Anonymous said...

Is putting these people in jail really going to solve anything? Is it just a matter of revenge? Should every affected family member get to punch them in the stomach too? Maybe we can burn them alive?!?
It's a damn shame this happened. It could have been prevented. I don't understand the point of jailing these people? They're truly sorry and will be filled with guilt for the rest of their lives... have them do more community service, sue them... whatever. Just don't jail them for the sake of revenge.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I'd imagine the idea is the same as jailing anyone - partly to punish, partly to rehabilitate, and partly as a warning/encouragement to others.

The question of if jail is right - and if so, how much - is debatable, but if you kill 100 people through your actions, the legal sanction would have to be pretty weighty.

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