Saturday, September 02, 2006


The runts of whatever they called the scene with the Libertines and Selfish Cunt in it, Les Incompetents are calling it a day. The band had been planning to go their seperate ways before singer Billy Bell was viciously beaten in Camden. The original idea was to unplug at the end of their Wireless festival dates, but Bell's injuries have made playing a farewell impossible.

Instead, the band have chosen that most 2006 of curtain calls, a statement on their Myspace page:

"The rumours are true...the six of us ARE no longer going to be playing together. Les Incompéntents as Les Incompétents will cease to exist.

"You might be wondering why, on the cusp of an album, TV performances and other good stuff; we decided to kill the dream. Basically we realised that a time must come in every man's life when he must decide between what is easy and what is right.

"And by the end of the tour we just realised that there were too many ideas between the six of us to try and hone in to one thing. Meaning that whatever we ended up producing, certain people would be unhappy."

We hate to be pedantic, but first of all they imply that to continue the band would be easy, and then they say that trying to find a solution which satisfied everyone and synthesised the six pieces' disparate ideas into a pleasing hole was too difficult to do. Which would mean they've chosen the easy route, surely?