Thursday, September 21, 2006

Triple word score

Life with the Ritchies, part 199: When they have some time to kill, Madonna and Guy sometimes break out the Scrabble board. And usually end up killing each other. Or so say sources, anyway. They get the board out in their hotel room and, quickly, descend into bickering. Then, they get out the Trivial Pursuit board (they seem to travel with an awful lot of board games) and have a little row over that:

“Madonna doesn’t like losing at anything.

“She and Guy were taking on each other every night at Scrabble and Madonna was taking it far too seriously.

“The atmosphere was so intense and she was such a sore loser that he told her he wouldn’t play her again."

They could have spent their evenings having sex, of course. But there'd be a row over who came first with that, too, I suppose.

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