Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jackson's staunch fans want cashback

Things go from bad to worse with the Michael Jackson comeback: after the shambles of the show comes the demand for money back from the people who shelled out cash to see their hero:

"I'm furious," said Katherine Kidd, who spent £200 to get to the show. "I feel like I've been ripped off."

Jackson only sang a few lines of We Are The World before leaving the stage. Thriller was performed by Chris Brown.

"It was a huge anti-climax," said 29-year-old Londoner Zareen Iqbal.

"I just walked off. I saw him with all the kids around him and I thought 'I'm not having any of that'."

"People were expecting something significant but he didn't perform at all," said Abdo Binmadhi, who travelled from Oxford for the show at Earls Court in London.

"When the lights went on I saw people's faces and they were like: 'Is that it?'"

"I should have just stayed at home and watched it on TV... We should definitely get a refund."

You could suggest, though, that someone in 2006 who pays £100 to see Michael Jackson is the architect of their own despair.

The organisers of the World Music Awards are keeping very quiet right now.