Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An accidental death and an anarchist

This morning's Sun takes a while to get round to what some observers might say is quite an important fact in its report on the death of Paul Blanco:

Pete in death plunge probe

Yes, Pete Doherty. What's he gone and done now?

ROCK wildman Pete Doherty had a blazing row that “became physical” with an actor who fell to his death from a balcony shortly afterwards.

That sounds pretty fishy... what's Doherty done?

The ruck with Mark Blanco, 30, flared at a party in a grotty East London flat.

A party? There must have been witnesses, then.

Babyshambles singer Doherty, 27, disappeared from the flat owned by his pal Paul Roundhill before cops arrived — and CARRIED ON partying elsewhere.

Good lord, how callous

The tragedy happened early on Sunday — the day before junkie Doherty was fined £770 for possessing drugs.

He turned up at court with all this on his conscience? Is the man a monster?

There is no suggestion Doherty was involved in Blanco’s death.



Cops are treating his death as “unexplained” and plan to quiz Kate Moss’s boyfriend Doherty.

A police source said: “He fell from a second floor balcony but at this stage we don’t believe anyone else was involved. However, statements are being taken from people in the flat.”

So, yes, Pete may be in a "death plunge probe", but only because statements are being taken from everyone who was at the party and the police seem fairly certain it's a tragic accident.

The Sun reports that Doherty left the party before the police arrives, but is somewhat vague on whether he was actually still there when Blanco fell at 1am; certainly, an hour and a half later he'd been at Malmaison across town long enough to create enough mayhem there to persuade staff to call the police.

And, yes, technically speaking "Sunday morning" was the day before he appeared in court - but this, the small hours of Sunday morning, is more Saturday night (or two days before) isn't it?

Blanco, a keen actor, was due to appear in Accidental Death of An Anarchist next week.


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