Monday, December 11, 2006

Kicking downwards

America being America, everything can usually - with a little legal intervention - be proven to be someone else's fault.

So, Catherine Lewan is launching a class action suit. She was sued by the RIAA, and she's blaming, well, Kazaa:

Accoridng to Lewan's filing, Kazaa deceptively marketed its product as allowing "free downloads", designed the software in such a manner as to create a shared files folder and make that folder available to anyone using Kazaa, while at the same time failing to make the user aware that it had done so and, surreptitiously installed "spyware" on users' computers which made the shared files folder accessible to the Kazaa network even after the user had removed the Kazaa software from his or her computer.

Kazaa's parent company has settled its legal battle with the RIAA; doubtless at the moment they're sitting with their legal team trying to see if they can sue Bill Gates. It must, after all, be his fault they're in this mess; him and his damn computers.