Monday, December 11, 2006

Monkeys "advertising" rule scuppers charity

Curious news from the Arctic Monkeys world: having agreed to do the Buena Vista style makeover of one of their tracks for a charity album against global warming, the band have apparently flown into a squawking rage that the track is being used in a video to promote the album:

[The Daily Mirror's] source tells us: "The Monkeys were initially very excited about the project as it's for such a good cause. The charity sent them a copy of the video for approval and presumed everything was OK.

"But once it was shown briefly on GMTV, all hell broke loose as the Monkeys' people consider it 'advertising'."

This doesn't make any sense - presumably the band believe in the cause, otherwise they wouldn't have donated the track; and they must have understood they were being asked to take part because their name would be used to sell more records and so raise cash and awareness for the Artists' Project Earth project. So would the band really be that outraged at the organisation attempting to do just that?

After all, a band who turn up to pick up a cheque written by a Building Society at a sponsored "best album" event can't really have too many qualms at getting their hands dirty with a spot of commerce, can they?