Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Serge comes to the aid of his chum

Ooh, there's a right old playground scrap brewing. Elton John was rude (but accurate) on the question of Noel Gallagher ("“an absolute twat who looks like Parker from Thunderbirds), Noel's chum in plodrock isn't 'avin any of that, la:

“Elton’s just a fat man in a tracksuit. Whereas anything that comes out of Noel’s mouth is absolute genius.

“Noel is the last man you want to start with. He’s so quick he can destroy anyone. Elton John needs to watch out.”

Yes, who would want to get locked in a battle of words with Noel Gallagher. Gallagher is famed for his rapier-like wit, albeit a rapier which he never takes out its case, choosing to use the dull end of the box it comes in to beat his targets repeatedly over the head.

It's true that Elton has elevated comfort above style when choosing daywear, and - like many of us - shows the signs of over-enthusiasm when the sweet trolley comes round. But he's also the man who recorded Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Rocket Man and Philadelphia Freedom; he also still listens to and absorbs music which has led him to take more risks in the last few years. Sure, he might have dubious taste in friends, and enjoy the company of the gliterrati a little too much.

But, seriously: a choice between Elton or Noel. You're not going to be going with Noel, are you?


Anonymous said...

I think the nicest thing anyone can say about Noel is that he isn't Liam.

Anonymous said...

Kasabian are twats but Noel Gallagher is (if often inadvertantly) a vastly more entertaining public figure than Elton fucking John. Who let us not forget, wrote only half of those fantastic songs you just listed and has had a fallow period vastly longer than Oasis'.

Anonymous said...

I think Serge is right in defending his friend, Noel Gallagher. I feel that Elton John mades money out of the dead i.e. releasing 'Good Bye English Rose', personally I feel that Elton John was secretly made up when he seen that car go through the french tunnel... bet you he looks through the obituary of the rich, wondering on who he can make a small fortune off this time... Elton, keep your opinions to yourself if you cannot handle backlash. PS. That wig????? You've fooling nobody mate!

Anonymous said...

Kasabian are wankers, Oasis are cunts. Both these bands have NOTHING whatsoever to say, and only trade on people who like football being into them.

Their music is the worst kind of lowest common denominator rock and has no style or substance that is their own. kasabian are just weak oasis copyists and oasis are just weak beatles copyists. That, buy definition makes kasabian a very weak band.

Pissorno is a cockhead. Thick as 2 short planks and just reactionary. I loved his comments on My Chemical Romance, where he stated that he hated them because theyh were "wierd and dark".. Sounds like a compliment to me.. Fucking idiot

I wish these lad-rock bands would just fuck off. Polluting our culture with their nonsensical posturing.

Kasabian model themselves on The Wurzels, what with their bad beards, and the gallagher brothers take style tips from Planet Of the Apes.

Anonymous said...

Noel Gallagher?

Nice wig..

You are fooling nobody mate

Anonymous said...

Fuck off... we all know Noel Gallagher could beat Elton f*king John in any fight, whether that be physical or verbal.

All you who say Kasabian are wankes et al. don't have a clue...theye probably the best band around atm

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