Sunday, December 03, 2006

This week just gone

As ever, we start the week with a backwards No Rock and Roll Fun glance.

The ten most read individual articles this week, most of which have been called up as masturbatory aids, and thereby guaranteeing a level of detumescence not seen since Kid Rock couldn't shift the image of Borat and his Pammie:

1. US bans exports of iPods to North Korea - "shuffle function could trigger nuclear accident", or something
2. Heather McCartney porn photos resurface...
3. ... closely followed by breakfasts
4. Does KT Tunstall like girls?
5. McFly hope to avoid curse of Busted by waving willies
6. NME Cool list: they might not like her music, or her chances of selling well on the cover, but they adore Beth Ditto
7. More Heather Mills porn business
8. RIP Alan Freeman
9. Free Josef K mp3 downloads for all
10. Britney's first husband promises to detail their sex life. All one time, we suspect.

You can absorb the week on a single page,
or skim the previous fortnight in a single post.

This list has been checked twice - guaranteed:

Luxury repackaging makes it two wheels on Lucinda Williams' gravel road

To Rococo Rot collect some vinyl-only stuff and stick it on a delightful CD

Three albums in, and the Dexateens finally release their debut

A chance to buy all the John Peel-Clive Selwood Dandelion singles - something nobody, we suspect, did at the time

Big ole black box of Bergman - the perfect gift for a friend who doesn't celebrate Christmas. Or anything, much

Bob Monkhouse boxset. How it should be done.

Carter USM caught live slightly past their prime

Want 365 days of Mickey Pearce-styled crack-whoring? Try a Pete Doherty 2007 calendar