Thursday, January 11, 2007

A here today, gone tomorrow indie frontman

In a way, we're proud of Preston, who's walked off Never Mind The Buzzcocks in protest at Simon Amstell taking the rise out of Chantelle.

It's quite chivalrous to take this stand when your wife is being ridiculed.

On the other hand... Amstell was only reading out segments of Chantelle's own book:

An audience member said: “Simon sarcastically read out where she talks of wearing Marks & Spencer clothes for a photoshoot saying, ‘I’ve always loved M&S, but it was always too expensive. The photoshoot made me feel very posh and upmarket’.

It might have been more chivalrous to have defended Mrs. Preston instead of just crumbling and walking off. Indeed, the better part of valour might have been to have advised discretion when her publishers asked her to put her name to a book which treats her as a cartoon character.

At the weekend, we heard Preston on the radio observing how odd his Big Brother celebrity was - "it'll probably be in my obituary" he said, as if surprised at the thought The Times would slip a mention of the show into a three-thousand consideration of how The Ordinary Boys changed the face of popular music in 2006. Preston hadn't seemed to notice he was only on the radio because of Donny Tourette's BB breakout. It'll be more surprising if any obituarist mentions his band.


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