Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kylie unwell?

According to reports coming from Manchester, Kylie Minogue abandoned her Manchester gig halfway through earlier this evening. Apparently she was "unwell", but there's been no word yet as to what actually might be wrong with her - although we're sure the internet is quite prepared to fill the gap with some ill-advised speculation and half-arsed guessing.


Anonymous said...

I was at the M.E.N arena tonight for the Kylie concert and she did indeed quit the show much less than half way through. Initially it looked as if there may be a hitch with the sound as Kylie began sounding more like a reject from an X Factor audition than an artist who has sold millions of albums over the last 15 or more years, but that was ok after all she has never claimed, nor have her fans implied that she is the best singer in the world, but what she usually has is the ability to connect with an audience and tonight sadly that just didnt happen. After the opening song she apologised and told the audince of over 12,000 people that she was suffering from a cold, after the first medly was over she left the stage and suddenly the showgirl extravaganza came to a juddering halt. the technicians along with the rest of the musicians, dancers and crew were obviously completely unprepared for her sudden departure and eventually turned on the Arena lights leaving the stage empty and silent.
Was that it?
Having forked out between 50 and 80 quid a ticket didn't the 12,000 strong audience, all of whom had given up their Saturday night and braved the bad weather deserve more than a croaked out 5 minute karoeke version of a few old hits from way back when!
Unquestionably we would have all been rightly entitled to a full refund. This I'm sure caused much concern back stage from anxious managment and promotional companies.
Who would foot the bill if 12,000 people all demanded 50 quid back (We're looking at someone having to shell out £600,000.00 in refunds if she didn't get back on that stage and croak out a couple more tunes.
So thats exactly what she did.
There were a few staged tears as she apologised again for her sore throat before she said "I'm only gonna do one more song", She then asked a girl in the audience for a request, by this point it was blatently obvious what she was doing, she was stretching out her time on stage to justify not refunding or re-staging the concert on an alternate date.
Shame on you kylie!
Lets face it no one was really there to hear her incredible vocal range or ability, it was about having fun, singing along, rediculous costumes, dancers, lights, entertainment, and I'm sure no one would have minded had she mimed her way through the show. it would have been far better than having to put our coats back on after less than 30 minutes and make our way back outside into the miserable weather.
Funny how in spite of only managing to sing a couple of lines from a couple of songs she managed to get through her latest song, a collaboration with the sissor sisters, a fact she proudly pointed out. i wonder will this be a future release and if so you've got to hand it to the girl, shes not stupid, but how could she possibly be, she's just pocketed 600 to 750 thousand pounds for 30minutes work, and trust me that buys a lot of vegimite sandwiches back home.
I overheard the man from the family in front grumble that he couldn't believe he'd wasted £250 on half an hour and that the tickets had been christmas presents for his kids. "Should have stayed in and watche the telly" he said.
If he had he would have found that The Showgirl tour was infact shown on channel 4 in its entirety completely free of charge.

Harsh criticism you may say and i would agree had Kylie been suffering fom anything other than a cold which lets face it most of us are at the moment, its that time of year.
Only difference is if most people fail to turn up for work or don't do our jobs properly we don't get paid, simple as!

Anonymous said...

Jesus Am we really living in a world so cynical that we slag off cancer patients for not being at the top of their game?

Get over it. She was ill, she couldn't go to work, it happens. At least she tried.

She has the right to expect her fans to give her a bit of a fucking break right now, doesn't she??

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Second anonymous - your post is wrong for two reasons.

First, the faintly patronising suggestion that people who've beaten cancer should be treated as if they're above criticism is of a piece with the way tabloids can't write about Kylie without using the word "brave".

Second, and more importantly, the question isn't about if Kylie has the right to be ill or not. From all the eyewitness reports, it's clear that before she set foot on the stage she was incapable of performing properly. To plough on was unfair to her, and unfair to people who'd paid a small fortune (and, for many, spent all day travelling) to see her. It seems as if there was a desperate, show-must-go-on mentality (probably to avoid having to shell out for a cancelled date) that served no one well.

Anonymous said...

shame she didnt die of cancer she did not even appologise she came on for the money not for her fans she couldnt give a toss about them losing all that money its funny cause all everyone is saying is "poor thing recoving from cancer" she is playing on it she has not even made a gesture of goodwill

Anonymous said...

Of course she isn't above criticism.

But I have to wonder at the attitude of someone who's supposedly a fan of an artist - spending all that time and money to get to their concert implies a certain level of fandom, doesn't it - but is happy to tear them to shreds without the slightest hint of loyalty.

The possibility that her cold / throat infection / whatever might've worsened quite quickly before the concert, so not allowing time for people to be notified of a cancellation before they'd left home, doesn't seem to have entered your head. No, she's clearly a cynical cash whore who hates her fans.

You don't have to patronise her because she was ill, but you don't have to huff and puff harshly criticising her for no reason either, it smacks of overcompensation...

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