Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We're not sure about "best" and "ever", but there is, undeniably, a "song" there

As if to confirm their status as the New Coldplay stand-by shorthand for faux emotion, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol has become the best song ever, as voted for by Virgin Radio listeners. Perhaps slightly more surprisingly, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls came in at number two.

The top ten in full, then:

1 Chasing Cars
Snow Patrol
Position in 2005: NEW ENTRY

2 Iris
The Goo Goo Dolls
Position in 2005: 129

3 One
Position in 2005: 4

4 Wonderwall
Position in 2005: 18

5 I Predict A Riot
Kaiser Chiefs
Position in 2005: 210

6 Time Of Your Life
Green Day
Position in 2005: 219

7 A Town Called Malice
The Jam
Position in 2005: 45

8 America
Position in 2005: NEW ENTRY

9 It Must Be Love
Position in 2005: 60

10 Mr Brightside
The Killers
Position in 2005: 496

Nice to see Suggs' new position as Virgin dj recognised in the results. It might say something about the volatility of Virgin's audience as presenter line-ups reshuffle so often that songs bounce up and down so much (last year, Imagine was the best song; this year, Virgin listeners have accepted there are 17 better songs, for example.)

The presence of America in the chart must mean Johnny Borrell's going to have a hell of a phone bill in the New Year.