Monday, February 19, 2007

Dannii Minogue: Terror at 35,000 feet

One of the problems of being famous - or, more honestly, the sister of someone famous - is that people will see you as public property, and think nothing of taking photos of you. So, when a bloke saw Dannii Minogue on a plane, he whipped out his camera and shot some video. Rather than being surprised that he'd recognised her, Dannii is trying to work this up - with help from Victoria Newton - into being just shy of some sort of rape:

DANNII MINOGUE has revealed she was spied on by a pervert in a first-class cabin at 35,000ft.

She said: “As I was about to leave the plane, a man said to me, ‘A guy has been filming you with his cellphone while you slept.’

“A flight attendant approached the guy about it and he admitted filming me but claimed he’d deleted it. I was shaking I was so creeped out.

“He was some sort of sicko, I guess."

Interesting - shouldn't cellphones be switched off during flight? And what was Dannii doing in first class? You're meant to use the toilets in your own cabin, Dan.

But what's most odd about this, of course, is that Victoria Newton now apparently thinks its perverted to take photos of people without their permission in slightly exposed situations. Oddly, though, that hasn't stopped her running papparazi snaps of Mel B crossing the road while pregnant, or Brad and Angelina pushing their kids through the streets, or...