Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The future of the world rests on Snow Patrol's shoulders

Oh, god almighty, Tony Blair, what have you done? The pointless and expensive plans to replace Trident - to ensure that when the world gets blown to smithereens, we can do our bit, too - has generated a monster. CND have launched a campaign with Snow Patrol and Razorlight amongst the big names calling for the scheme to be scrapped.

What's the point of Snow Patrol campaigning against anything? Everything they do is so pallid it's just background music. You might as well ask a small child to hum gently instead for all the good it'll do.

And Johnny Borrell talking about the futility of conflict? That'll come as a welcome change from him throwing bread rolls at his friends, won't it?

Thom Yorke is also involved, as is Kele from Bloc Party. Kele's suggested response is that if a nation hurls a nuke at us, we should just walk offstage for ten minutes until it all calms down so people know we're really pissed off.

Oh, and Ian Brown:

Bloc Party's frontman, Kele, thinks spending billions on "nukes" will bring us closer to "global catastrophe".

Ian Brown, former lead singer of the Stone Roses, is also backing the campaign, calling political leaders "hypocrites and warmongers".

Brown believes that if you have a problem with another party, rather than sending nuclear weapons, you should go down their house and throw paint all over their cars. Violence is never the answer, unless the question is "can I ask you to return to your seat as you are endangering the aircraft, sir."