Monday, February 19, 2007

The Jam reunite (sort of)

It's the news music fans have almost been waiting for: The Jam nearly reuniting for an not-quite-a-reunion tour.

Yes, all of The Jam (except for Paul Weller) are getting back together for the first Jam tour of any sort in twenty-five years, and the first Jam tour without Paul Weller ever. Not that Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler are going to stop Weller joining in, if he wants:

"I have stayed close to The Jam fans over the years,” says drummer Rick Buckler. “The songs mean so much to so many people. Fans have been demanding that we play live for years. Paul Weller has a fantastic solo career and is one of the UK's most talented songwriters. Paul is always welcome to join us for the reunion, but until then, we've got a tour and a new album to do!"

We're not entirely sure we believe "fans" have been petitioning for "just two thirds of The Jam" to get back together, but it's nice to think they have. People marching chanting "what do we want? The less-significant portion of the band back together! When do we want it? Whenever."

And, yes, there is a threat of a "new" album in there, too, featuring new material. So, they're not only going to stomp all over the legacy, but they intend to piss in its face as well.

We're not fans of the solo Weller, but any sort of Jam without him seems distinctly seedless.