Sunday, February 25, 2007

Kaisers: We're targets because we're huge

The Kaiser Chiefs reckon they know why so many of their contemporaries so enjoy having a pop at them: they think it's tall poppy syndrome, Nick Baines tells Gigwise:

"We are an easy target because nobody ever slags off a small band because you’re not going to get noticed by the press are you? Of course, you slag off someone who’s doing well because obviously you’re being a lot more outrageous in your comments aren’t you?”

“You realise that it’s all one big game but unfortunately the bands that choose to slag us off are taking it far too seriously. It’d be better if they were writing better songs than us, but they’re not so they can shut up.”

Well, you have a point, Nick. On the other hand, if you've only got one song and have been hawking that round for two years, that may also make you a target. And issuing a challange which boils down to "if you've written a song better than 'Ruby' then feel free to have a pop" - notwithstanding that it's number one right now - that basically means anyone from Wendy James upwards is now free to tweak your noses.