Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lady Sov won't put a record on

One of those great meetings-of-minds of our time, between two figures who aren't quite as important as their managers would lead them to believe. Join us to relive when Lady Sovereign met Corinne
Bailey Rae

[D]uring a recording for T4 [Sov] met the pop singer and told her that "she should be called Corinne 'Boring' Rae."

She went on: "Corinne just said 'Whatever' and turned on her heels like she was the Queen.

We're not quite sure what Sovereign was expecting Rae to do - burst into tears? Admit "yes, you're right - I really should investigate a job at Marks and Spencers"? Retort "you're not a patch on Princess Superstar"?

Not to mention that there's something a bit rich about someone who has taken a name which suggests she is both a "Lady" and in some way "sovereign" calling someone else on acting "like she was the Queen."

Still, Sovereign's pressing need to tell Rae she was dull - Corinne Boring Rae, clever wording, cheers - was motivated by more than just the desire to show off her witty wordplay skills:
I think she's fake. She's too nice. She sings about life being as sweet as roses. But it's not, it's crap."

Now, we don't like Rae much ourselves, but we're not entirely sure what she's meant to be faking. It's not like, say, she was stepping out with Rupert Grint, earning a nice income from Universal Records, doing adverts for mobile phone companies, and sampling Gensis songs while pretending to still be a badass hoodie from a Wembley estate, for example. Or, indeed, pretending that life is crap while piling up royalties from Ugly Betty and seemingly every XBox football game going.