Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Mail regrets

The Daily Mail is concerned that hanging out with Pete Doherty isn't good for Kate Moss. No, not because of the danger for her career, or the risk of losing her child. Nor is it the financial support for the Colombian drug barons she and Pete provide; not even the drugs themselves.

No, the Mail is worried that hanging out with Pete is making Kate look like everyone else:

Is Pete ruining Kate Moss's looks?
We're used to seeing pictures of Pete Doherty looking greasy, spotty and off his head. But his girlfriend Kate Moss usually keeps a look of supermodel serenity about her. Until now.

The 33-year-old - pictured here leaving for Doherty's Babyshambles gig at Brixton Academy last night - looks anything but a style icon.

The paper "proves" what it clearly thinks of as some sort of "case" by printing a photo. And you know what? Late at night, after a sweaty gig, without wearing make-up, in extreme close-up, in terrible night, when she's not at work modelling, Kate Moss looks like a woman rather than the way she does in glossy magazines modelling pants. Who would ever have thought?