Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Ditto marks

The curious career path being trod by Beth Ditto spirals round again - we're still trying to understand how you can berate Scissor Sister fans for "not listening to the Ramones" one minute, and turn up as the house band on The Friday Night Project the next. Now, she's objecting to Kate Moss being allowed in the 'sexiest female' category in the NME awards:

“I think it’s ridiculous she’s nominated for an award in the NME. It’s not the New Model Express.

“It should be about music. For Kate to be up for anything to do with music is absurd."

Not the New Model Express - I see the subtle gag there. But Kate Moss has made records - not that many, admittedly, but she's appeared on more albums than Lily Allen - and she has been at the heart of one of the biggest music stories of the last couple year. Even if the NME awards did require some sort of membership card to be stamped for entry, she'd qualify.

“I think the world needs positive influences. Role models for these kids should be people who have a strong place in the music industry as an artist not a sexy woman.

“You have to wonder how she feels about her life and size.”

Well, excluding the whole Pete Doherty thing, I'd imagine Kate loves her life. But what we don't understand is why, if Ditto believes "role models should be people who have a strong place as an artist, not as a sexy woman", she's objecting to Moss' inclusion in the sexiest female poll, and not the whole idea of a vote judging people on how sexually attractive they are in the first place. It's all a little confusing.


CarsmileSteve said...

hold on, i thought it was the New Morrissey Express?

Anonymous said...

Since when was the NME about music? Ditto should bloody well know this... let's not forget that she was "Coolest" last year but her album only got an average review by the magazine... Didn't hear her moan about the fact that they didn't think that cool and talented were the same thing... On this Ditto and I agree that "It should be about music." Unfortunately, if that was the case Ditto wouldn't have won her award

Now... Let's talk about role models... talk about the pot calling the kettle black... is Ditto suggesting she is a good role model?? what right does she have to comment on "size"... She has a SERIOUS weight problem... There was a picture in the independent yesterday which could easily have been next to an article about America's weight problems... credit to her, she appears to be pretty active on stage but one day she is going to become very ill because of her health... quite frankly one has to "wonder how she feels about her life and size."

I'm absolutely appalled that this woman is being so idiotic. It's like people have completely forgotten what is wrong with these skinny models. It's not their looks, it's the fact that their weights are dangerous. This is also true of the obese. It is utterly hypocritical of Ditto to comment on something like this. Don't get me wrong, it's great that she speaks her mind, a most commendable quality, but unfortunately one also has to think before hand.

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