Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today's piece of Beth Ditto self-promotion

Try and work your way past the question of what she was doing with a poster of Noel Gallagher on her wall at all, and ponder Beth Ditto a moment:

"Noel said I had one of the best voices in rock. To me that's great. I had a huge poster on my wall in junior high. This was in Arkansas, where no one has heard of Oasis."

Curiously, she berated Scissor Sister fans for never having heard of John Waters, and yet apparently she assumes that Oasis fans will constantly be rewinding their tape of Pink Flamingos.

And you can't fault Ditto's ability to make it all about her - supposedly praising Noel, she manages to make it clear how she's got a brilliant voice and how she was the coolest teenager in Arkansas.


Anonymous said...

"apparently she assumes that Oasis fans will constantly be rewinding their tape of Pink Flamingos"

I don't know... Oasis fans can probably relate to the content of Pink Flamingos pretty well... After all they've been eating up shit for years!

It's great to think that she doesn't just make gross generalisations about Scissor Sisters fans... she also presumes that out of the entire 2,673,400 population of Arkansas she was the only one listening to Oasis... and worse still, manages to make that sound like a bad thing?

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