Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Urban warfare

Keith Urban - still counting the days, rather than weeks, sober - has launched a legal action against another Keith Urban. It's a bit like when another Gary Bellamy called Down The Line last week, prompting a slightly confused Gary Bellamy to double check "you're not me, are you?"

Keith Urban - who, to keep things straight, we'll call Mr. Kidman for now - is upset that the not-quite-as-famously-drunk Keith Urban shares his name and, as such, is using a website in his own name pretending to be him. Mr. Kidman reckons that by using his own name, Keith Urban is selling his not-very-good artwork to people who think that they're buying a not-very-good picture by a not-very-good country singer, rather than a not-very-good picture by a not-very-good web designer.

Really, Mr. Kidman should be thinking about suing Keith's parents. After all, they were the ones who initially encouraged their child to squat using the Keith Urban name.