Thursday, March 08, 2007

Next week, H from Steps cuts off a leg to investigate ramps outside libraries

Across 90 minutes of prime-time ITV last night, Louise Redknapp "investigated" the increasing incidence of eating disorders amongst young people driven by size zero by... going on a crash diet to try and become size zero.

Did anyone read the proposal twice? Investigating an illness by making yourself intentionally ill? Turning self-abuse into a prime-time spectator sport?

Did Louise not stop, when meeting girls being treated for anorexia, and think "maybe my approach of deliberately aping what they cannot control is a little ill-advised?" Did she not watch the rushes of her meeting with Mel C - someone who has had eating disorders for real - and notice that starting with an "I'm a little bit hungry" might be a jarring note?

The intentions - a Down To Size Nowt In Paris and London Fashion Weeks - were honorable, and there was no questioning Louise's passion or involvement. But have we really come to the stage where ITV so undervalues its audience that it thinks they might not get that starving yourself to death to fit someone else's idea of looking good is a bad thing, unless they have a celebrity act out for us? We don't need a sugar-free, low-calorie lolly to suck.


Simon said...

I also wonder whether it was really making a salient celeb-sociological point to book as the guinea pig for getting down to size zero someone who, to do so, needed to lose less than a stone.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Exactly, Simon - "when I used to appear on the cover of FHM in my pants, I was a healthy size 0.5 - now, though, it's out of control..."

Anonymous said...

Someone clearly *did* read the proposal twice. Unfortunately the other reading was a couple of months ago when they must have been working for BBC 3.

They aired an almost identical show but with some London-based non-celebrity pseudo-journo about a month ago.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

True, Greg. Unfortunate day for Michael Grade to insist that ITV's future isn't in making clone programmes...

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