Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My mother is my manager, and she's tupping the drummer

How many times did Cathy and Claire have to deal with that one, eh? Joss Stone took decisive action when she found out her mum, Wendy Stone, was in a relationship with drummer Jonathan Joseph:

“At that point, I just had to send my mum home.”

She added she never wanted her mum to be her manager anyway.

Joss said: “It’s ridiculous. I wanted a real manager, someone with 30 years in the business. Not my mum.”

So the drummer-thing was just a pretence, eh? It's lucky that Wendy isn't the sort of person to drag her daughter to an employment tribunal.

Joss, meanwhile, has turned here ire onto, oh, everyone else:
Joss also had a go at R&B singers, saying most are “just highly paid strippers.”

Yeah, R&B singers - flaunting themselves to sell a few records. Here's an example from a recent album review:
So Joss Stone, the 19-year-old British R&B singer, did what any girl who wants respect as an auteur would do. She stripped naked, got slathered with psychedelic body paint and straddled her producer for the liner art to her new CD.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm Stone really should shut her yapper,first up,she's spent SO MANY interviews telling the world she DIDNT sack her mother..now she did??????????????
Stone cant talk about anyone's affairs,when she was sleeping with an older guy at just 14/15 years old,she then also CHEATED all thru her relationship with Beau Dozier!!!
As for Christina slagging..pure spite!! BEAU AND CHRISTINA dated 7 YEARS AGO!!! Stone didnt even have a recording deal then!! and from what i hear,she's now apologized because Christina and her mother were looking to sue
AND Isnt stone the same girl,who just last week posed for press where we could all see right up her skirt!!!!!

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