Friday, April 13, 2007

Save the world by applauding Madonna

Ticket registration has opened for Live Earth, and here in the UK, it's being done through a ballot system - apparently to "minimise ticket misuse".

Oddly, though, there doesn't seem to be any limit to the number of times you can complete the registration form, which would suggest that someone who is happy to spend from now until the closing of entries on Monday at noon can substantially increase their chances of getting a ticket over somebody who enters just the once.

You also need to have a mobile phone to enter - make sure you keep your mobile fully charged during the three days when the lucky winners will be notified. Although, obviously, not with the sort of electricity that harms the planet. That would be pretty wrong.

As if a further slap in the face for the idea of trying to live within our resources, there's a couple of 'VIP' ticket packages on offer, including this one, for a smidge over £700:

* Ticket for the Live Earth concert at Wembley Stadium
* Pre-show hospitality in a an exclusive dining facility at the concert venue
* Champagne reception on arrival
* Three course luncheon with wines
* Complimentary bar during the pre-show hospitality (operating for three hours)
* Complimentary soft drinks throughout the concert
* Buffet style supper running for one and a half hours during the show
* Souvenir item for each guest
* Commemorative pass and wallet for each guest
* Access to the hospitality suite throughout the show
* Event management staff and hostesses in attendance throughout

How better to send a message to the world that we need to stop eating our way through more than our fair share, and start living sustainably, by guzzling fine wines, food, toasting the stars stumbling off their private jets with plenty of champagne brought in from France, a running buffet with the attendant waste of food that means, and some pieces of plastic as souvenirs. Good work, everybody.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just starting to find the whole thing downright offensive. (I left the comment here : about it).

Does anywhere know of anywhere on this planet killing/electricity wasting internet I can go and complain about it more? I'm honestly outraged by their behaviour.

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