Saturday, May 05, 2007

Epic records "one step away from handing out deals at random"

While we can understand modeling agencies tying up with Tyra Banks to offer contracts to winners of ANTM - after all, if they're that bad, they can always be made to stand in the background - if the music industry is doing as badly as they say, it is really wise for Epic Records to agree in advance to sign a band who wins some sort of online talent show? They're down to the last five now - and Epic execs must be wondering if what they'd thought would be a PR-friendly way of hooking up with a band with a small but dedicated fanbase is going to turn out instead to be the equivalent of discovering a demon child left on their doorstep?

We've voted for Rudy and The Rhetoric. That'll show 'em


Unknown said...

you'd vote for rudy and the rhetoric because they are the worst or because they are the best? i checked that mtvu thing out and i dont' really understand the whole thing...all i know is that the top 5 sucks and rudy and the rhetoric seem the most interesting in my eyes

Chelan said...

Rudy and the Rhetoric are the shit...don't be jealous, jerk.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Jealous? Of a band called Rudy and The Rhetoric?

I'll try but... it's going to be hard

Anonymous said...

a.) it's an 'exploratory' record deal meaning epic doesn't have to release any material from the winner if they don't want to.

b.) it says the deal is worth 1.5 million, but that means 'up to' 1.5 million. If the artist is good enough to release 4 or 5 albums on Epic they will get approx 1.5 million dollars worth of promotion. But if not (and they probably won't) all the winner will get is the exposure on Conan (which is probably good enough for them anyway).

c.) Epic is only required to give the winner $50,000, so if the band they choose sucks than thats the only losses they're taking. Plus, the advertisements they've gotten on mtvU from this contest is worth way more than that. And one of these bands could turn out to be great. After all, these guys are still in college, they have alot of musical growth ahead of them.

d.) get your facts straight before you write your blogs. They are not 'handing out deals at random'. It's a very small risk for Epic...

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Cool your boots, 'anonymous':

(a) Yes, of course there's a crawl-out clause in the contract, although - oddly, though, that's not how it's been marketed ("Possibly win an exploratory record deal"). Regardless, they're still committed to making an album and two videos for the band never mind how good they are and if they never see the light of day.

(b) Erm... we never mentioned the stupid headline figure. Between you and me, anon, all record contracts are like that (i.e. a headline figure which doesn't live up to the hype) - you'll recall, of course, the Sigue Sigue Sputnik deal.

(c) If you're going to lecture people about getting "their facts right", you might want to double check yours - the fifty grand is an advance, which effectively the band will be expected to repay from any earnings they might make, it's not a prize as such. Admittedly, if the band is duff, they'd lose that - but then they'd lose their entire investment, which Epic are actually placing at $75,000 in total.

And is the money made in advertising from MTVu worth so much? It's not exactly going to shift any of their existing artist's music, is it?

(d) I didn't say they were handing out deals at random - I said they were "one step away from" handing out deals at random. Again, if you're going to drone about accuracy, you might want to be a little sharper on your own.

Sure, the bands might turn out to be the next Beatles. Or even the next Travis.

But I think we all know in our hearts if they were that good, they'd not be slogging about on a talent show like this, would they?

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