Friday, June 01, 2007

Beckham quits show, or something

The fly-on-the-wall Life Of Victoria Beckham series which was being shot despite no actually network wanting it has either been "thrown into doubt" or "is trying to beat up interest with some lame made-up story" as Victoria has supposedly told producers she's going to watch the football instead of turn up to filming.

You know, like Half Man Half Biscuit did with The Tube, and it never did their career any harm.

A US source said: "She told producers she was not going to miss David's England game and they seemed unwilling to compromise.

"It's also his last Madrid match next week and she'd told them months ago that she was going to be by his side - but they seemed to expect filming to take precedence.

"It's a real sacrifice for her as the TV series was a great launch-pad for her career over there. But she felt she was being pushed into a corner and David was obviously always going to take priority."

Mrs Beckham has been fannying about in the US and UK apparently unconcerned if David was turning out regularly for Real Madrid or not, so we presume this sudden interest in David now he's back in the England team has more to do with being photographed with the other WALOFFS (or Women Apparently Living Off Footballer's Fame) to try and boost her flagging career back home. We say "career", as if "being photographed with other women who have sex with millionaire sportspeople" is a properly structured job.