Friday, June 22, 2007

Glastonbury 2007: The Uberpost

As is by now sort-of traditional, the Glastonbury Weekend posts gathered into some sort of index. (Note that there are a slew of posts - mostly grumbling about ticketing - from the run up to the festival - for all Glasto 2007 content, check the tag. And, obviously, this post will be expanding, unless we get bored and don't do any posts. There's always that possibility.)

Tuesday 18th
Leave your tent - it's for charity, of course

Wednesday 19th
Tickets lost in the post - Last minute crisis

Thursday 20th
7.45am Andy McNabb offers his advice - wear wet trousers
11.45pm Blog round-up - letters editor, Tourette, and Orange v Greenpeace

Friday 21st
9.00am - Blog round up - Banksy and a Manics toilet homage
1.40pm - Hot Chip, cold water, and Harry Enfield
8.30pm - On TV - Cherry Ghost, Radcliffe in the sky, Jo and Lauren battle for control of the studio
8.50pm - Blog round up - Pete and Kate and their secret bus, Magic Numbers, MIA or not?
11.00pm - On TV - Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian
11.50pm - Blog round up - Jesus, the keeper of the toilets and the protectors of Arctic Monkeys

Saturday 23rd
9.40am - Tabloid round-up - Amy Winehouse, Doherty in a dress, and the Daily Mail gets grumpy
11.50am - Blog round-up - Money, mud and monkeys
12.40pm - Broadsheet round-up - the Post-Oasis age of wonders
8.40pm - blog update - CSS, catsuits, and will The Master show up at Worthy Farm?
9.15pm - Watch online
10.20pm - On TV - Babyshambles versus The Kooks and Phil Jupitus eats his sofa
10.40pm - crime & health - 32 hospitalised; 168 arrests
11.10pm - Blog watch - Mark Ronson's surprise, and someone's watching the Guardian

Sunday 24th
11.20am - Tabloid round-up - Pete on a bike, Winehouse in a teepee, and "no photos" for Killers
11.50am - death and crime - crime drops by five incidents
1.00pm - broadsheet round-up - Political metaphors and the value of straw
1.30pm - Last night's TV coverage - Pete Doherty's cock, Iggy Pop's skin, and is Patrick Wolf made of wood?
2.20pm - Michael Eavis pronounces success, while Bjork threatens the licence
8.30pm - Blog round-up - all this choice, but the audience is weak
10.10pm - On TV - aren't the Manics a little old for teenage girls in hotpants?

Monday 25th
7.45am - Tabloid round-up - Shirley Bassey almost dies
8.40am - Broadsheet round-up - Teepees leak
1.50pm - Cribs say sorry; world says "what? why?"

Tuesday 26th
YouTube round-up
Pete Doherty's secret squirrel fun

Lest We Forget
Glastonbury 2005
Glastonbury 2004

Some of the bands...

Note the carefully-placed lines hiding the nipples of the Dirty Pretty Things sleeve

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Try. Buy.

It means "tired of being sexy", you know

2005's popular-as-sex Arcade Fire's Funeral

Not-quite-as-loved Arcade Fire follow-up Neon Bible

Luckily, Editors have a new album to promote out on Monday

... talking of Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now, it's Mitch Benn, out the comedy tent

Two slices of prime height-of-powers Bassey on one CD

... and we'll raise you three CDs worth of Bjork when she was tempered rather than temperamental

For K'naan, who recorded this everywhere from New York to Djibouti, the trip from Castle Carey was probably quite a dull one