Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Last-minute crisis

Of course, one of the additional risks in holding back the distribution of Glastonbury tickets until the last minute is that, while you might thwart touts that way, you don't leave much time to sort out things if they go wrong.

Like, for example, if wodges of tickets got stolen from a sorting office.

Glastonbury has said they will "do their best" to allow those who have had tickets disappear en route to get in, but although the Mirror is probably being over-dramatic suggesting "thousands" have had their tickets stolen, the opening up of the possiblity of letting people in despite them not having their tickets has added an extra layer of confusion to this year's event.

Meanwhile, the weather forecast for the weekend is now:
Tomorrow: Day - rain, 16 degrees
Night - Light rain, 12 degrees
Friday: Day - Rain/ thunder, 17 degrees
Night - Thunderstorms, 12 degrees
Saturday: Day - Showers, 18 degrees
Night - Showers later, 10 degrees
Sunday - Showers, 17 degrees