Sunday, June 24, 2007

A sign that we're in the final stages...

The traditional signal that the home straight has been entered for the Glastonbury festival: Michael Eavis telling the BBC that the festival has been a success:

Festival-goers had complained of poor sound from the Pyramid Stage, with The Killers' set on Saturday being punctuated by cries of "turn it up" from some.

Mr Eavis said the speaker system had been changed for this year's festival.

"I'm sorry about the PA, it's not quite strong enough for us here, so I'm slightly disappointed by that. I think we're going to have to look at that again."

Mr Eavis also conceded that there were problems with the photo ID system used for festival tickets this year.

"The printing wasn't really good enough so we have to improve that," he said.

He revealed that 2008's headliners were already confirmed, but refused to reveal who they were.

"It's not Muse or U2," he added.

Well, at least that's a relief.

Apparently, Bjork went on for 20 minutes past the curfew time on Friday night/Saturday morning, but the council don't seem unduly bothered:
[T]he local council said that an over-run of Bjork's set on Friday night, breaking a 0030 curfew by 20 minutes, breached the festival's licence.

Mendip District Council's planning and environment manager Charles Uzzell said: "There could be a review of the licence, and the ultimate sanction is the removal of the licence but I don't see that as a possibility."

He added that the rest of the festival had been a "success".

And you have to praise Mendip's grown-up attitude - a lot of places would have sent the cops in to shut down the stage rather than adopting a "we'll talk about this later" approach.