Friday, July 27, 2007

Back down in Albion

Plans are apparently well-advanced for a second Babyshambles album. According to Adam Fieck - and why would we disbelieve a drummer? - the thing's coming out on September 16th.

Oddly, the first report of it has turned up on Alla Jone's Uncut blog - Jones is very positive about the album, and has always been one of the more positive critics of the curate eggy last one, but he seems to have nabbed the exclusive first review through careful reading of the heavy-handed legalese on the advance copies.

The tracklisting, though, does sound like a parody of Pete Doherty songtitles:
Carry On Up The Morning
You talk
Side Of the Road
Crumb Begging
French Dog Blues
There She Goes
Baddies Boogie
Deft Left Hand
The Lost Art Of Murder

Carry On Up The Morning? Jesus.

Buried in the review is an interesting note. That track is:

a radio-friendly glare replacing the wracked static of DIA

So, it sounds like Stephen Street has guided them towards being listenable. Or, as Jones admits, pretty much like any other band:
Street’s more generic production means that there’s an extent to which the band on their own could be just about anyone – until, that is, Pete comes in and then they just couldn’t be anyone else.

It's always been hard for the rest of Babyshambles to get people to remember they're there. Now, it sounds like they've been Sleeperbloked totally into the background.


Anonymous said...

if drew and adam can keep pete on the straight and narrow - as they have been trying to do throughout the last year - then it's fine with me if they get left behind a bit on the album. what the band really need is pat walden back in the fold. pete's best sparring partner by far. and that includes carl. walden recently played a lmhr benefit gig with drew, so here's hoping it's a sign of things to come...

Anonymous said...

yeah hopefully pat comes back. think he´d have a better influence over pete than mick, not but musically. i do miss this straight guitar tumbling off in songs like 8 dead boys, pat is a genius!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe there are people here taking Doherty seriously!
I thought it had long been established that hes a flabby pseudo poet trading off a more significant other (not unlike v beckham in that respect). someone get me a straw hat to cover my eyes - oh no, its got a hole in it!

Anonymous said...

OOOF! alan wades into the comment section with his opinion, the one which has been spoon fed to him by that ever so high brow publication The Sun.

Piss off alan.

Anonymous said...

sorry hadnt realised this was the babyshambles fanboy forum

Anonymous said...

it's the xrrf fanboy forum you tit. by the way, the second libs album was pish and they went shit after the first year. but doherty has written some absolute class tunes you muppet.

Anonymous said...

Adorno said there couldnt be poetry after auschwitz, if only he'd heard the song 'Arbeit Macht Frei'...


docco fans are always so touchy, perhaps thats because deep down they know he's a useless narcissistic FRAUD, always has been, always will.

Anonymous said...

Adorno fans are always so twee. Maybe they should get more meat in their pies.

Anonymous said...

oh and by the way, the second best thing about doherty (behind his songs) is that he's a fraud

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