Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Borrell washes his hands of Pete

ContactMusic suggests that even Johnny Borrell has a breaking point:

British rocker JOHNNY BORRELL has given up his quest to help PETE DOHERTY kick his drug addictions, claiming the troubled singer refuses to help himself.

And you can't imagine the effort Borrell has put in, trying to persuade a man caught in a serious addiction to break from the chains of chemical dependency:
"I did once say to him that if he fancied having a cup of tea and watching Hancock's Half Hour or something, I'd be up for it, but I wasn't into smoking crack."

It's hard to see what else he could do. If only Borrell had been able to get to Kurt Cobain and sort-of-offer a cup of tea and maybe a quick DVD, how different could things have been then?

We can hear you, you know, muttering that if you had the prospect of sitting slurping a cup of Typhoo on Johnny Borrell's sofa while he took off his shirt and played you The Blood Donor you might well take up smoking crack instead. You're not helping, you know.
"I can't help him. I don't think anyone can. You can only help yourself. You can inspire people but you can only help yourself."

This is odd, because earlier in the article:
Razorlight frontman Borrell credits Doherty with helping him beat his own heroin habit several years ago and he was keen to return the favour.

We're not quite sure how Doherty was able to help Borrell when you can't actually help someone else. Unless it's different with crack and heroin.