Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bush was "unChristian", says Sheen

Martin Sheen has, for some reason, decided that the four year-old Natalie Maines versus Republican America battle is still a hot topic:

"I saw what happened to the Dixie Chicks.

"If George W. Bush were a true Christian, like he proclaims himself to be, you know what he would have done? He'd have invited them to his next barbeque to play and say 'Hey, I love their music and whether or not I agree with them, I support their right to free speech.'

But instead he was a bully. And he enjoyed watching what happened to them ... it gave him a sense of power and righteousness."

While Sheen has a point, you do wonder if perhaps the time to bring this up would have been while people were still burning Dixie Chicks CDs or, at a push, as Bush was running for re-election. Still, we can't wait to hear what he makes of Tipper Gore and the Back In Control Center.